You’re Invited to #YuboHalloween!
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You’re Invited to #YuboHalloween!

7 minutes read · Written by Yubo team

Hey community,

Trick or Treat – it’s time for the #YuboHalloween Costume Party!

On October 31st, starting at 5pm PST/7pm CST/ 8pm EST, the Yubo Community Team will be joining lives titled #YuboHalloween, and handing out prizes for costumes! Scary, funny, and home-made, we’ll be recording and featuring our favorites on our social media. This is your time to get creative and have fun with your friends!

A few reminders:

Yubo is a community, and our guidelines keep it fun and safe for everyone. Please make sure your costumes are appropriate – no nudity, costumes that are sexist, racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any way.

Making hateful content or promoting violence or organized crime of any kind, including terrorism, violates our guidelines and will be subject to consequences.

Make sure you use the title #YuboHalloween so we can join your party!

Click here to learn more about our community guidelines and how we keep Yubo safe!

It’s time to get spooky – see you on Saturday! 👻

The Yubo Community Team