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Safety has always been a key focus here at Yubo. As the leading platform for young people to socialise online, we have a special responsibility to our users.  

Young people love Yubo because they get to hang out, make new friends and have fun. Of course, they like to experiment and push boundaries online as they do in real life. Our industry-leading safety features and 24/7 team of safety specialists mean we can help them to have a positive experience on Yubo. 

We prefer to engage and educate our younger users about our Community Guidelines before we take action if they break them. We’re proud to be the first social platform to introduce real-time interventions in livestreams that encourage behavioural change, for example. 

Whether you’re a parent, a carer or an educator, this Safety Center gives you the resources and advice you need to support your children or students on Yubo. If any of our users have specific questions, our Help Center is the place to go. 

Our whole team is committed to protecting, supporting and educating young people and building a digital space that they – and you – can trust.

Sacha Lazimi, CEO

Marc-Antoine Durand, COO

Our Team

We often say that safety is in Yubo’s DNA but what do we mean by that? It starts at the top, with the members of our senior management team who drive our safety strategy.

We also have a team of safety specialists around the world who are dedicated to making Yubo as safe and supportive as possible. They moderate content on the platform 24/7 and intervene when they see young people putting themselves and/or others at risk. They also respond to reports from our users – in a matter of minutes when it comes to something that is happening in a livestream.

Young people can report any concern to our safety team by tapping the shield icon in the app and selecting ‘Report’. Parents, carers and educators can get in touch via the red tab at the top of this Safety Center.

Our Safety Board

The following international industry experts sit on the Yubo Safety Board, providing invaluable advice and informing our proactive approach to safety:

  • Annie Mullins OBE – Safety Advisor, Yubo (ex-Vodafone and Yahoo!)
  • John Shehan – Vice President, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NcMEC) 
  • Alex Holmes – Deputy CEO, The Diana Award
  • Travis Bright – Product Director,  Thorn
  • Mick Moran – former Deputy Director of Interpol
  • Dr Richard Graham – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, Good Thinking
  • Anne Collier – founder of NetFamilyNews and member of the Safety Boards at Snap Inc. and Facebook
Our Partners

It’s important that we work with governments, NGOs, charities and other organisations around the world to help drive improvements in digital safety and wellbeing. This includes:

  • We work with various governments, including in Australia (we’re a member of the eSafety Commissioner’s Tier 1 social media scheme), France (we signed the Charter for Child Protection in 2020) and the UK (we took part in the We Protect initiative and the Online Harms White Paper).
  • In late 2018, we began our partnership with Yoti, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately estimate the age of Yubo users and enables them to verify their identity using an ID/passport. Find out more in our blog
  • We’re a member of the Technology Coalition alongside Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tech leaders.
  • We work with the Internet Watch Foundation (UK), Kids Helpline (Australia), the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (US), the NSPCC (UK), Point de Contact – INHOPE (France) and Thorn (US).

In 2020, we ran issues-led campaigns on the Yubo platform by teaming up with the Cyberbullying Research Center, Good Thinking, Le Refuge, Switchboard, The Diana Award and The Trevor Project. Find out more in our blogs about mental wellbeing and Pride Month.

What people say about Yubo

“I applaud Yubo for extensively reworking its safety features to make its platform safer for teens. Altering its age restrictions, improving its real identity policy, setting clear policies around inappropriate content and cyberbullying, and giving users the ability to turn location data off demonstrates that Yubo is taking user safety seriously.” – Julie Inman Grant, Australian e-Safety Commissioner

“[Live interventions are]… an important step change in the child online safety arena and one that other social media companies should consider following. The more real-time interventions with young people that take place, the more we’ll be able to support and educate them.” – Annie Mullins OBE, Yubo safety advisor and member of the Yubo Safety Board

“The content is being broadcast live online so it makes sense that we intervene immediately before any damage is done. The faster we get involved, the better.” – Yubo safety specialist

“We are impressed with Yubo’s commitment to the safety of their users and their innovative solutions to making a safer environment online. We’re proud to work with them to continue to develop tools that will protect young people from exploitation.” – John Shehan, NCMEC and member of the Yubo Safety Board